I thought that necklaces

were only being given at weekends?

I thought the same if I remember kalishane saying this in one of the threads. Dont feel like searching for it though lol but am not complaining this is the only event where I can choose exactly what I need instead of being screwed by rng bags/crates.


Funny how the little info given here is wrong quite often but a stupid hack site gets it right. This should never be the case.

@TwoDogg I remember reading that it was just supposed to be weekend events too. If it’s not the case then its better for us all. More necklaces more gear.


Sauce? 7

Maybe the necklace boxes in the shop are only available weekends?

Pointless to have them anyway. A jackpot of 2000? I’m on the cusps of reaching 1/4 of my goal.

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