I thought iPhone users don’t get Beta regions

i was curious about this too. @Shawn.Scopely im afraid to click the beta region on my IOS devices. Is this a mistake or what?

I did join Beta 3 that’s how I got stuck in the tutorial but it’s working now and I don’t recommend joining until this glitch gets fixed since some are still stuck @KillerKen

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Do not go into those regions, you will be in a constant loop.

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thanks for the heads up, thats what i feared would happen especially through IOS. I dont even go to beta on my android. funny thing is i applied for beta like 2 years ago, it just started a showing this with the update

I got Beta region back when I was transferring my progress from iOS to Bluestacks. Bluestacks is android based, so I was able to use beta on Bluestacks and kept Beta region on iOS. I don’t think I got any of the beta updates however.

but you were able to access beta through the IOS device?

I got stuck in the tutorial but after a few hours I got through it. But some people are still stuck, not just Beta regions, any region

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