I thought Exhaustion was meant to be ‘random’ in Endurance Arenas?

So is there a reason that without fail everytime I finished a round (twice) without fail the three toons that were exhausted where the strongest of the bunch? Probably won’t affect some of the more long term players but when I’m less than a month in and I’m down to only one of my three 6* it really makes earning a decent score against the whales difficult (though who’s surprised?)

Less than a month in and already have multiple 6 stars? Save yourself some money mate the meta is about to do a polar shift soon :joy:

My SR Zeke was one of the 3 worn out and he’s the weakest out of everyone.

Totally F2P. I’m just in the Rank 1 faction in my region so I got two free 6* from War :]

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