I thought about how Viktor could be a for me acceptable Legendary

And this was the result

Show me your thoughts and and what would your Viktor be like?

Okay. 800 is a bit too much.
I think 400% Damage against 4 Enemies
And 60% Def Down against up two three enemies will do the job. But with higher NoU: 3

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Seems way too Op.

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Looks like what a veteran ring toon could be like lol

Why OP?

Is it good? F2P able?

One thing i dont see many mention is that what is needed is toons that cover more than 1 thing. Like a hurt and heal toon with a buff for example. A big issue is having to have 1 toon for each thing, 1 damage, 1 healer/revive, 1 decap, 1 buffer/debuffer, etc. In raids it doesnt matter but in war i can not lose 4 toons and win the fight cause you dont get as many points and you do less damage so i would like maybe something like deal 500% damage to one toon, heal all team mates for 50% hp and all tram mates get 50% attack for 2 turns. What is needed is turn 1 active skills, rushes that cover multiple areas like hurt and heal, control like confuse and taunt, buffers and debuffers, attack toons that fit the meta and are not handicapped like jackson, leon and earl. We really need a f2p focus toon also, kate is still the goat and she is 5* and we have entered 7* era, lets close this gap and create some fun competition scopely!


Just doing my thing. Didn’t want to open a new thread.

You’re absolutely right

When I think about a 6 Star Version I look at the 5 Star Version and try to go with what I am seeing unless I see something I quiet don’t understand

Way too much op 800% damage is an instant kill and 100% def down is like throwing a nuke at a mice lol


How about 600% Damage against up two 3 Enemies?

75 % Defence Down?

100% def down and 800% damage to 4… I think you could almost just use him on his own with a huge bonus when defending and win :joy:

Edit: just noticed the weapon… ignore the ap. would go off round 3 anyway and wipe everyone out


But the Nightmare Road would be a bit easier

Any thoughts about that Eze?

I like the look of the zeke. Stats and skills seem fair for a f2p toon. Wouldn’t be op and their promo stuff but would help with some strategy’s and great for SR

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Thank you for that feedback.
Have you seen Ryan? This is what I would call OP

800% to 4 enemies ? To much. How about 475 4 enemies and 300 bleed to 3 enemies and heal block to one


I would go with it but heal reduction for only one enemies is a bit too weak for me. Maybe 3

Yeah Ryan is just crazy… like all the recent promos. Game is getting a bit crazy now but similar to how 5s ended and 6s began. Crazier and crazier toons til they can get no better and then create the next level of toons to beat them (s-class)
Best just to ignore the promos for a month or so until the crazy time is over and s-class becomes the standard

I am about to earn 10k Coins because of Tapjoy.
I would go for a good HP Leader for Greens. But waiting could be the better option as you saying