I thought 8% weapons were rounded then added now, possible bug


4 8% weapons. If they’re rounded, then added, should be 16 per toon, not 15. Doesn’t seem like it makes much of a difference, except when your 8% is on a weapon with very large bonus. 16 means a character like sandy gets their AR(44), 15 means they don’t. @CombatDevIl

Madison leaderskill not working properly

Everything depends on the sequence they are calculated, because if you see like this:
4 x 8 % = 32%;
32% of 44 = 14.08
14.08 rounding up = 15

15 is correct.


I was under the impression y’all said in the combat thread this had been changed so that they were rounded individually though, that’s why I’m brining it up. I always understood it to be combined, then rounded, until I read differently on here. Might be having old man memory about this, but I remember reading that it was going to be changed with the patch.


Wasn’t it said before in the combat post that each would be rounded, then added?


It is an ongoing design discussion still. We’re trying to assess all the affected areas by this change. Personally I hate working with float numbers and presenting in integer, it makes me depressed, because it is very easily to have knock ons.


Valid but it was stated round then add. Confusion is in the messaging consistency and final application.

Decide a follow through, message final decision. Case closed.


Well, assuming that they are all supposed to be rounded individually the gain should be 16%.
44 x 8% = 3.52, round up to 4
This is using standard math, rounding 14.08 up to 15 makes no sense at all.


I am confused :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


I agree, message came too soon when it was still in Beta.


Oh and document the decision, that way another team member doesn’t interpret differently and change it.

Standard design and change control practices. Software is no different than manufacturing actual parts. For some reason the industry doesn’t believe these should apply, but would make unintended changes less likely.


So then how’d we get 15 on 44 AR toons lol


Cheers. Thanks for communicating as always. My favorite on here, one of the few that still give me hope.

@CombatDevIlfor president!


Rounding up current AP instead the effect itself.

8% = 0 + 3.52 = 3.52 (4)
8% = 3.52 + 3.52 = 7.04 (8)
8% = 7.04 + 3.52 = 10.56 (11)
8% = 10.56 + 3.52 = 14.08 (15)


Okay, now it rounds up no matter what, after they’ve been adddd. Gotcha


That was the initial issue. However, because of 56AP rounding goes down. This approach was decreasing, and we know it would make you guys sad, that’s why it was postpone and it is an ongoing discussion.


confusion cured :grimacing:


But as I said, it is ongoing discussion, producers and designers can find a better approach in a future update, but you can take that as true for 9.0 at least. Sorry about all this mess. :stuck_out_tongue:


Omg. Some one cares… My jaw just hit the floor… Lmao. <3


All good, it’s why I tested it before I tried to use it in war. Thanks for clearing it up