I think your missing the point of survivors club scopes


I don’t pay 25$ a month, to in turn get the opportunity to exclusively spend more money…


Be sure and tell LJ you deserve that promotion and stop being a slacker!!


I had to get on him already this morning about it…


On the survivors club features it says, “survivors club exclusive offers” there is an offer that is exclusive for members. So technically U did pay to be able to buy that offer.̿̿


Dang fine print… Got me.


thats a pretty cool offer


Def not bad, more than I’m willing to spend, but 110 trainers, 10 mil food.


It should be renamed to Spenders Club.


Cash grab on top of cash grab.
So far ive been subbed since day 1. An this week I quit. Ive gotten nothing but 2 to 3 comics max per pull. An I tell ya it was rare 3 pulls. Draggjng out your money.

Mobile games are designed with the pure intent of making more money an its never been more obvious then with this company.
I’m not gonna spend anymore.


You would think for an aditional $25 on top of the $25 you already paid for membership they could make it 10 Lil’s and 8 Uly’s. Always with the cheapness.


Congratulations… you guys basically belong to Costco. Pay a membership… to buy goods and services!


Im just in it for the shield and the crafting bonus anything else offered is a bonus and they aren’t forcing you to buy exclusive offers so dont buy them… just shut up and move on to a more serious issues in the game.


This has probably been raised before but I find it weird the monthly pass perks aren’t bundled in with the Survivors club.


THIS EXACTLY!!! Why scopley? No one is gonna pay for both.

someone is gonna come on and claim they pay for both now


tbh sc is way better then spending hundred of dollors on promo where chsnce to get promo only 1 %. i dont spend on offers nd promos… i sm only buying this Sc bcz at the end i will get a free 6star max shield other stuff are just bonues… plus on daily free pull i pulled dante and wayland so money on sc already worth for me


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