I think that's not enough

Guys, does any of you know games like Twd Rts or apps in which you could draw characters like in Twd? I think that’s so boring to stay and wait for new characters…

I’m having a little trouble understanding what you’re asking for. You mean games where you can design your own character? If you’re talking about a game where there’s always new characters, then I would probably suggest Brave Exvius: Final Fantasy. They also seem to have new people. They even had collaboration events with those A2 and RB characters (Not familiar with their names) and quite recently with Tomb Raider.

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Star Wars galaxy of heroes if you mean pulling for
scribblenauts for drawing

Alliance and world of warriors, the second one is actually magnificent

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I am asking about games like Twd and, if it exist, an app in which you could make characters

So a turn-based RPG game where you compose a team of your favorite people from the series gained from various types of currency, gather weapons, fight a multitude of enemies and other players, strengthen your characters to take on harder challenges, and engage in occasion events for more exclusive characters, weapons, and other assortment of goodies?

Brave Exvius: Final Fantasy and Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes.

If you want a game where you make your own character(s), then I recommend Fallout Shelter. The Gameloft game Dead Survival or whatever has a rather limited form of character customization. None of these games are like Road to Survival however. My recommendation is Galaxy of Heroes.

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