I think its time we discussed something

Its about how some people treat JB on these forums. Many people seem quick to blame him for many issues that plauge the game. When at the end if day, he can only do so much. And yes, some shady stuff has been done through him, like the SC andrea “free” shield. This was shady yes, but they probably told him to tell us that, this is his job after all. Im sure many of you are aware of what a job entails. And even with that, he is still human at the end of the day. Like many of us he will make mistakes he can’t be right all of the time. Maybe the team isnt properly communicating with him, we’ve seen this happen in the past after all.


People will still complain anyway. That’s okay though, their opinions mean nothing. It’s pathetic to see people think JB and the other staff are responsible for specific decisions.

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I agree but it isn’t about how we blame him in any way it is how he words it as he said it was a free shield turns out it was but for free to play it was a 5* and how he communicates it as he has there is about 50 threads before he actually answers

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JB is Scopely. he does it all, programs the updates, character creation, pull odds, gets the donuts. give the man a break!

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Get over it, he’s in customer service. You can complain for a product you pay for over the phone in lots of companies. This is child’s play. This is our only venue to communicate our frustrations with this company, we all know support is a joke.


so f2p can shut up since theyre not paying?!

I agree that he isn’t to blame for a lot of what he gets blamed for on here. However I do think that sometimes a little communication goes a long way and when legitimate complaints and questions go ignored or unanswered it just makes people angrier. Even if there’s nothing he can do just a response can help so people know they’ve been heard.

F2p is a customer regardless. They download the game, leave reviews, watch ads that brings them revenue, keeps payers playing… not all customers are monetary.

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yes, but do they pay the scopes $? because if not they arent real ppl.

Is there a dislike option for a post?


I miss those fill in the blank games.
anyone have any good ones?





Smh :man_facepalming:. Calling out F2P, only to do this…

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Well, he is the messenger and it doesn’t always seem like he’s doing a good job. I’m aware he’s not the CEO or whatever, tho.

This does ring true, but from some threads I’ve seen that include JB, some people seem hellbent on blaming JB. This thread was mostly aimed at them. I know they probably won’t change their ways, but just had to get this off my chest. And some more communication would be nice, but he can probably only be on for so long and at certain times.

I though JB was the one who made the game :thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking:

While you’re eating popcorn, could you give us ANY response on the gravy boats? Why some got Magna for one 40 pulls and why some get only 1/4 of the boats needed after 40 pulls? ANY RESPONSE? You’re lurking on the forums obviously but ignore most of the questions.

Now there’s two of you. How many would it actually take to communicate with us? At this point I would be happy even with the taken to the team bs

But without the ftp and casuals, the game will die. I mean, some turnover is to be expected, but when it gets to the point where so many leave that you can’t even run an AOW because there aren’t enough actives, maybe then you’ll realize the ftp and casuals are important to the game, too.


Maybe he doesn’t have an answer? You rather a wrong answer now or a the real one later?
Cause if he appeases and gives an answer now and it turns out to be wrong, he will be crucified for giving wrong answer.

I would like ANY answer and not being ignored. As I said, even the taken to the team stuff.