I think I’m in a decent bucket in Ware

Level 3:


Happy account birthday @YeetSkeet and congrats on Aarav!


ALthoug I don’t have him in mh main region, I have him in one of my backups that I plan on using often


And big ol thanks, 1 year of chaos


Why you buying the Survivors club tho man…

Happy bday

I have this one weird region where every time I’d log on it to do a daily survivors club pull, I’d always get at least a 5 star.

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I’m not, it’s the free trial, I never got around to doing it

I have another region where my 2 free pulls so far have been 5*s

I assure you, I’m still ftp

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My bucket is used to make rum and coke

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Bro Ware is my OG region that is a bucket of poo is what that region is lol

meh, I got Aarav out of a single premier pull, I’d say this bucket is luckier than my main one :woman_shrugging:

I got a lucky bucket too!


Yea did a 40 with saved coins got one and my daily and boom another. Most luck ive had in years

Now you just need 6k collectibles lol

I will happily take the 2 6*s for now lol

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honestly, going for the S-Class for some of them doesn’t seem too worth it imo, why not just have 2 Raulitos on one team?

Raulito Lead, 2 Lacerators, another Raulito, and Christa with a bleed mod

Exactly my thoughts.