I think I get it now


This is like Brewster’s Millions. You need to spend X amount of money and have nothing to show for it by the end of thr month? Is that the game you’re playing Scopely?
Marketing, wages, development, etc. and then change your tournament (granted you did say subject to change), give out the worst prizes, an almost unreachable milestone for a piece of gear that should have a 700k milestone level… I do try and understand your thinking sometimes and maybe that is my fault for thinking you could be doing something right. Go back 4 months to the faction raid that redulted in a 5* shanw for factions 4-7. Keep that same prize structure and maybe just maybe you won’t have to release already ascended 6* to stay afloat.
/rant… for the moment

Also, i understand that having 400 posts about the same thing doesn’t make much sense, but neither does scopely and their prize structure


And don’t get me started on having red plastic pieces drop once a week. How are we supposed to get 6.5k per day for one pull?


Your not dedicated enough :see_no_evil:

Jkjk, I agree with u!


so just stop playing, rate the game with the worst value on stores and basta