I Think Everybody Forgot About **SCAVANGER MISSIONS**

It’s been a long time since the SCAVENGER MISSIONS came to the game. But now players are so much advanced for those old scavenger missions. Not Lucky You Got Mission, this is the only favorite and most used scavenger missions. Now, I think its time to get more NEW SCAVENGER MISSIONS. How about More Character XP gain by setting team requirement to somewhat high, or any other new scavenger missions.

Just Wanted The Game To Be More Excited. Hopefully, Game builders from SCOPELY FORUM will see this and take some action on this update. Thanks For Reading!!!


I disagree. Six days for a Silver Radio (which can no longer be used as those maps died ages ago) is fantastic value.

Seriously though, no one forgot about it. The players have been calling for updates for years, Scopley just don’t care to make the changes. There is a subtle difference between forgetting and simply ignoring…


I know it’s hard being a very sarcastic person myself… but I’d tone it down a bit, well a lot.

We aren’t dealing with the most intelligent people or caring people here. Unfortunately, they probably don’t recognize sarcasm in most of the post you make. Being honest. :man_shrugging:t4:

Has no one on this thread seen that the ones who originally made the scavenger missions left and scopely can’t figure out their coding so they just left it. They probably could re code it, but scav missions would probably break

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only doing a Prestige 100k Exp and AR missions and sometime bronze 60k exp and ar missions.

Besides the obvious 100k, also have the 60k with 30k bonus, the AR ones, as well as a few that give coins bonus. I been using the TWD: Road to Survival Scavenger Camp Missions
Ideal Team Bonus Reward Finder by by: Kanaima a.k.a Benjy to try to get coins out the missions. Makes it a bit more interesting.

Other than that, totally agree. The missions need a huge update. Unfortunately, I think that ThatDudeYouKnow is correct and the new brain trust has no idea how to update them. Maybe leave the current ones alone, rather than break the game, and create new ones through a different avenue.

I remember when first started playing and had no shield. Was one particular mission that required one to meet all the requirements. Shouldn’t we have new ones that require legendary?

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