I swear to God if you

If you release Aaron, Connor or Kal before you release Governor they’ll be hell to pay. Not from me, don’t take this as a threat: this is what most people are worried about.


Seriously just release him already or else people will quit.

Honestly it’s all good having a gov but if we got anymore op blues then gov. Becomes. Worthless honestly can’t believe connor is going to balence it out a bit so we need connor otherwise gov can kiss his arse. Goodbye if he’s in usable in a see of blue

The “people will quit” comment is becoming the player version of “I will take it to the team.”


At this point we don’t need only the gov, we need more f2p reds.

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That is the best thing I’ve ever seen


What you said inspired me. It’s been forever since the Governor was leaked and now there are like 8 new leaks and I have this crappy feeling we’re gonna see most of them before the Governor. I am trying to wrap my brain around why they won’t throw us a bone and release him already. I’m not pulling for any red toons Scopely. So if that’s the plan to break us down so we pay it ain’t gonna happen.

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No they wont haha