I smell some false advertisement

Says he he mains, commands and reduces hp? But his rush and active have that no where to be seen


That’s Dale’s description. They’ve entered a new level of laziness. Didn’t change the description just the name.


Quick everyone pull and get your coins back for false advertising!


LOL it’s just the first month of 2019 and my two hands already aren’t enough to count the number of lapses they’ve made just this month alone.

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Thanks for flagging this one - it’ll be corrected as soon as possible :slight_smile:



How about taking a look at where people have flagged the huge disparity in gravy boat offers?

Because its clearly a bug, and not just scopley trying to boost profits :wink:

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On it :wink:


Funny how you’re “on it” with something that could cause mass refunds but when it only affects a few or FTP players we’re met with a wall of silence and no action.


Cut him some slack,he’s only one guy

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Well they are two guys now, since GR entered the game some days ago

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Lol copied nik.

That’s Gravey! Lmfao that’s genius! Thought it was a genie lamp. It’s extra Gravey for us whales as we dine on our fat rosters.


I propose.

  1. Lower all regions to 10 pulls per gets
  2. Any player whom pulled 40 per gets is credited with the extra gets others received to bring them in line with the rest.

Fair is Fair.
PLUS, I’m sure you will sell Magna for $99 soon as these stats have gone beyond the effectiveness of these gen1 6s sheilds.

Note I have no self interest in this. Have the 10 gets and no intention of pulling to get Magna.


And how about the battery bag with only a 1% chance of containing any actual batteries. Pretty sure labeling that bag as such would be illegal under the Trades Descriptions Act in the UK! And if it isn’t then it jolly well should be. :confused:

It’s not. You are informed as well as you also receive other digital items that you paid for (exchange of goods for currency). It’s not win or nothing.

Lmao I know that sounds belittling but I just wanted to be funny and sometimes some just needs to be the butt of the joke.

Also read to terms.

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Lost your sense of humour?

I don’t do humour. I do humor.


I thought they clearly looked like gravy boats…only you would think genie lamp lmao…may I rub your.genie and get harper instead of magna?

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giggity giggity