I see People who Does like 100 Pulls for a virtuell charackter

What is wrong with you lol ?

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I see person who does like 1 forum post about someone else business. What is wrong with you? Lol


I’m lonely man without gf, friends a little shy so…yep lol


I see a pointless post with a bunch of spelling errors, what is wrong with you??


We also live in a world where people smoke grass for fun and drink to feel woosy. Just spend in whatever you feel’s worth it. Sick of these eveangelical posts.


i found a dime in my sock drawer this morning…just thought id say something that nobody cares about too.


take weed and booze out of it :cocktail:

It is a hobby. Plenty of other activities that I see people ■■■■■■■■ crazy amounts of money on that I find ridiculous.

I don’t even pay for $100 40 pulls either, just stating the obvious.

I see dead people.

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“VIRTUELL CHARACKTER” lmaooooooo. Jesus Christ, da fuq is that?

make our own games now likely cheaper lol

Survivors club subs nearly up

Nerd hate incoming ! XD

I’m undead and I eat people. :brain:

I am dead inside…after each pull I do in this game

I like how the pulls used to appear out of that blockaded door that said “don’t open, dead inside”, almost like it was warning you how you’ll feel after pulling

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lol I never actually thought of that, but so true haha

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