I regret spending money

So far I have been screwed out of a purchased roadmap and likely screwed out of the collectibles. I’m not a big spender but I’ve put around a 100 dollars into this only to be very disappointed with product quality and customer support just giving generic answers and refusing to take responsibility.


100 bucks for mr jones?


Na, I probably spent about 20 during this event but was always targeting the 1000 collectibles. Got started a couple months ago with the game and it was fun at first. My phone broke and had to start over. I understand they are running a business but the indifference of support and lack of accountability for bugs and how they affect gameplay has soured me. Not sure if I’ll stick around.

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You didnt have your account linked to a dummy facebook or anything? I dont remember a time when this game has been backed up through google

That was the surprising part figured it was backed up by my Google account but no such luck.

Learn your lesson and get away while you can. It’s definitely not worth the money.


The whole game is an endless money pit just use this as a lesson to stop spending we’ve all had moments where we’ve gotten screwed over by Scopely


We all do.

Run away fast and never think twice about RTS

Honestly I do not feel sorry for those who have spent a large amount of real money just to realize it was wasted. There are people who have spent +50.000 in the past 3 - 4 years and they won’t stop no matter what this company does. People are old enough to know what they’re doing with their money.

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