I refuse to ascend. Your thoughts


I have not ascended yet at all!!! And I’m trying to not. Since y’all have been giving away 5* like crazy I’m gonna keep them. Why ascend if your giving away tokens and 5* like mad?


So long as the game is fun for you then I wouldn’t recommend ascending. For anyone wanting to stay in a top faction there is almost no choice.


You’re going to fall behind when the eventual inevitability of being unable to keep up with 6 stars plagues you. Besides, 5 stars have their own purposes, like for Survival Road and Territories. They won’t be completely useless, but you should really think about jumping on the train before it takes off without you.


thats all good for you but good luck keeping up the meta when real 6s set in


You will suck balls very quickly. Good luck


Agreed. It is nearly impossible to raid now without at least 2 6s in tow at all times. SR 5s and the rare 4 ive been keeping but they only come out to flesh my roster and on occasion get used, but are just There now waiting for their chance.


It isn’t impossible to raid, I haven’t ascended a single toon either, full 5* team, nor I’m interested to compete in these boring, time wasting events + cash grabbing war. With little effort and bellow 25 place spot in faction events, bellow 100-200 on solos, I have enough medals to ascend 7 toons and enough benedicts for 4 toons. Also if you jump in and use resources on current trashy toons, you will have to cash in on actually ascend useful ones, and those will determine a long run. This game proved to be played best with waiting, big payers are pushing it and whoever wants can follow.

If I would ascend anything, that would be blue Sid, only cause command is always useful. Others will be pushed down very soon.


Sorry to burst your bubble, but their won’t be “actual useful ascends” if you don’t consider what is out now useful…they have double the stats of 5*s, all starting ap just got dropped to be way quicker even at ar lvl one.

They aren’t going to just make better ones…they will all stay around the current base that we’ve got now. They might come up with new skills in the future etc.

as for your “I can still raid” tell me how fun it is to fight a well built s5 team with your 5*s? Ascending is already a necessity at this point.


I didn’t ascend for a while. Just because I was waiting for a toon I wanted to come out. In the first wars I definitely felt that I was left behind a bit, it’s hard to combat all the 6s without them and I defo got less defends than I would usually.
Now I have 3 6
s. I didn’t rush to ascend and I feel happy with who I have ascended.
It’s definitely made raiding against 6*s a lot easier.


Case in point with the new one turn delayed death specialist and maim rushes. I wonder what Human Shield II will be…+75% def? or parting shot 2…Double critical? How about a new specialist skill: Out with a Bang, if you die with a full rush it goes off before death like Parting Shot.

Also these new rushes are doing like 3 toons worth of rushes by themselves. New Lucille Force Gov fully self heals and taunts 3/for 1 (Blue Mich and Kal), hits 3 and removes positive attack bonuses (Variable Duane). And has Evasion (Negan) and active is Impair. He is going to give people anyeurisms when teams start adding him in.


You gonna have a hard time winning


Have you considered that they’re giving away 5* like crazy so you ascend and use up those 5* like mad? Swings and roundabouts


I have considered much of this. and unfortunately I will have to ascend some day. I’m stubborn and built one heck of a group. Our faction in wheeler is usually 6-8th place. And considering the region fading faster, I’m left wondering somedays if it’s worth it. If the region is imploding then why? It’s some tough choices.
My last question on this? Could you make the roadmaps without 6*s


Consider at one point some of the resources will halt for few months to be giveaway (medals, gear), what then? Buying from premiere or offers? That is the difference with f2p and p2p, f2p don’t have resources to waste. Current meta isn’t giving edge to anyone so jumping into ascendance run is a bad option, choice is narrow, requires spitting cash. It is better choice to fall a bit behind now and get better setups later, turn 3 and 4 teams aren’t my pick. Aldo it is my opinion, others can ascend every toon they receive, gl.


Not to fight for @Homer… but he is very close to f2p and still realizes the new meta, so he works with it. You will fall behind quickly once people start getting their teams into t4. The stats that 6* have alone is near a stone wall for 5*, especially with the buff they received.

I made the mistake of relying on 5* at the beginning of the past CRW, but realized that wouldn’t fly anymore. Luckily I was still ascending toons, and was able to make a quick switch to 6* teams.

You opened the floor and asked for thoughts on not ascending, and the thoughts are overwhelmingly saying it is not a good move to not ascend. The resources may become scarce, but waiting too long will shoot you in the foot.


I didn’t say that he shouldn’t ascend, but that current choice will not give him much of adventage or big balance, war will be won by coins, his defenses will be slow and avg, easily overrun. Also running with scopely forced meta and buffing 6s so 5s would be useless is the reason why in crw they underachieved, personal choice is should you wait it out (comparing to events) or rush to it.


I’m mainly ascending for SR, I can hardly care about war/raid; my 5* team still does fine.


Don’t listen to them; 5s are stronger than 6s in every way. I wouldn’t ascend either.


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