I really really really want to retire. This is how Scopley says "not today"


Can I ask to be banned please?

I really really really want to retire. This is how Scopley says "not today"

You wanna retire but are buying coins :man_shrugging:


All free coins. I was doing well in league and did a tapjoy offer last week so had almost 10k.

But thanks for the comment :man_shrugging:


His name is “Paytoplay”. Obviously he doesn’t know there are free coins in videos, offers and league xD

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You really really want to retire? Nuke your account. Sell all your toons to supply depot. There.




Offer I did last week. I don’t do the videos very often. Usually just if its part of the daily missions.


I am too weak to nuke. And I am ok with my weakness.


Offers work but I’m not slogging through Final Quiz Survey Candy Clone in my spare time for a 50% chance of getting anything

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Yeah, I am very selective about offers, the quiz make me wanna run in front of a UPS truck. No disrespect to any drivers here


I stay away from quizzes, but the game offers are solid for free coins. Don’t tell anyone else on this forum though, no one believes that there are free ways to get coins or they don’t want to believe that Tapjoy actually pays out.


Nice pull Spark. Congrats!


Thanks Plagueis. Good to see you on the forums again. Don’t get banned this time lol


I find it pointless that I end up playing the offer game more than the I’m trying to get coins for


That’s up to the individual I suppose. Each game is different for how long it takes, for example there was an offer for 1k coins and it took me like 4 days. I’m pretty sure most people here have playing RTS for more than 4 days.

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that 4600 looks like a game that took me forever to play to get coins


Actually it was Hello Fresh, the food delivery service lol. I was wanting to try one of them. Its not bad, good fresh food, easy to read instructions. I am an excellent cook however so cancelled it after the first order. Got 50% off the order so no biggie.

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It would all add up if you kept doing the offers. 4 days to complete a 1k offer. 4 seconds to make 4 pulls. You’d see which you spent more time doing


Or you can save your coins on something that’s better than 1% odds. ie) That Harper event or when Magna was cheap.


Do the timings change? Are you still not spending vast amounts of time on another game?