I really need to know what date roughly the update is happening

Please. @JB.Scopely @GR.Scopely?

Probably right before war. You know they like to release updates the day before a big event that way we can struggle with bugs.


About 90 minutes before War Of Champions starts, where a bug will kick & lock everyone out of their current faction.


Why do you " really " need to know?

Seems sort of trivial to care.

End of March


Because I really need to know. Problem?

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Sounds about right lol

Ah. Yes. I got kicked out for half of a war before lol. Missed half of the war event while my faction battled on lol

End of March and interesting enough there is no war scheduled at this time before that…

Of coarse subject to change…

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Could they be doing a hordes event that weekend to kick off the new feature?

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Ummm…if you say so

That would be my bet.


They probably dont know the exact date, especially if they’ve already submitted it to the various app stores this game is available on.


Do we know what wheels are being updated?

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Early this year

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Maybe War is not scheduled because it is dependent on the update.

@BOBULANCE hit the nail on the head. They can’t publish a date for the update until they know what Apple, Google, and Amazon* are going to say about their update. If one of those 3 require changes, they have to make changes, and the date may not be as close as they anticipate.

*Plus any other less common app store providers

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