I pay my own way for everything

Just saying this event is horrible


Keep in mind that you’re talking about a mobile game. It’s nothing that should be relevant in your everyday life, or even dictate what you’re going to do. If it no longer fits to your personal life or it makes you angry then just move on, and deläte the game. Simple. Anything else is just addiction in my opinion. When 6* toon came out I spend less than 50€ for 1,99€ offers from time to time. Since then I didn’t spend a cent.

If you think the whales are children, then you are the child. Many people here all adults with careers that pay well. What other people spend their hard earned money on shouldn’t concern you.

Fyi, this game has been P2W from the beginning. If it wasn’t, this game would have shut down years ago.


This, all day long.

But the 90% of players of this game is f2p if all of us get out of game the game die,every game need do best events for every one not only for p2p players

It should concern everyone if other people’s money is responsible for the lack of game experiences and no real fixing of issues in the game. Also, it is just plain stupid when people waste their “hard earned” money even fortunes for some pixel and data of a mobile game. All these wasted fortunes for what exactly? Since you get no real rewarding experience from this in your daily life it’s just the psychological factor that keeps them spending.

You can say that about any hobby.


You may be an adult but definitely not mature when you live a good life + successful career and then spent thousands of €$£¥ for a mobile game. There is no excuse for this just because people have the money to pump into such non-rewarding experience doesn’t mean it is “cool” or whatever you may call it. No matter how you want to spin this topic it’s just stupid and people are not mature.

Oh come on, I do spend money on cycling and on sports shooting since it’s my hobby and certainly get some rewarding experience in a tournament. I have real throphies, what did you get for your thousands of €$£¥ spent? A groovy badge in-game for winning one of their WoC? How cool! :cowboy_hat_face:

Oh, I see. I’m sure those REAL trophies have actual value. You’re right. Much better.

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Unless you sunk 4 years into it :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:

My hobby was racing until my vision was away. Now I have a shop full of bikes that don’t get rid of. No who’s right is it to say that I wasted my own money in my own time doing that? People like to put value on other peoples money andIt is none of your business. If somebody runs through all of their money then that’s their own problem not yours. Unless you think it is your problem and then you can go ahead and start supporting them since you have so much in put in their life.

I’m glad you’re here to be the authority on what people should spent their money on. It’s good to know that you decide on what people value and dont value. Sorry, I guess I should spent MY money on things YOU like.

I’m a good natured guy. When I see people with addictions to warn them is a least thing I can do.

Otherwise, you can also ignore other addictions like alcohol, drugs, smoking, ect… Simply because these people are adults it doesn’t mean that they understand what exactly are they doing and don’t need help or counsel.

And yes some of them may react aggressively which basically proves my point.

So people that spend money on their hobby are addicts?

In a way they are. Hobby is a thing you “like”. It has no practical purpose.

So depending on how strongly this hobby is affecting your life you may call it an addiction.

Lets say:
Person A is spending $2000 on this game monthly. Which is 0.2% of his/her income.

Person B is also spending $2000, but that’s
20% of his/her income.

Both of them are adults and spending on their hobby. The difference is that one of them is an addict.

Different people are at different places in their lives. People sometimes get to the point where having physical items is stressful. Some people spend thousands of dollars to go see a rock band. I have a friend who takes three cruises a year. If that’s what they want to spend their money on, that’s their business, even if they don’t get any physical items from that money.

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I pity people who need to dump on what other people spend money on. Myob and dont be so salty.

I agree that this game has always been p2w since the beginning, several years ago. If this game model is unacceptable then we are all free to not play. No one is being forced. Some people like the p2w model and pay to do so and thats their business.

I havent seen spenders criticize f2p. Play it the way u want. If ur not happy there are many other games, no need to lash out at other people.


This is the only statement you have ever made that I can agree with.

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