I overwrite old account with new account with fb linked. Please help



I lost my account after link “lost account” with fb. Problem starts here … I have 3 accounts. One is level 10, second level 22 and third level 27 or 26. So, I link that third account with FB once. After linked, I go play this game on another device, and I i wan’t to link to third (now lost) account with fb and then i overwrite 4th (new acc level 2) account. Idk why this happen, but it’s not even trying to “switch” to third account levle 27.

Now I wonder what to do, to find this account? I even don’t know what is my account code, because i tought that was not much important.
I know alot of things about that lost account. Only what i don’t know is in which server/region i was, account code and and which transactions are correct. I buy things few times on all three accounts and i don’t know which transaction ID is correct.

I wonder which one of devs or admins i must contact and how?

I know account name, which faction i was, level of this account, and other maybe not much important things.

About transactions …i can sent admin or develompents all transactions ID that i’ve done, to find this account. One of those three account would be found. All i need is just which one i must contact.


Word of advice if you have 3 noobs accounts worry about 1 right now it was a sign that happened


why do you have three accounts


Contact customer support, no one here can help


most likely neither can support. We all know how stellar the support is for this game.