I opened my first token but


I got my first 5* token and i got a López who in da hell is López be have 75 adrenalina rush , and havê terrible stats, why do you put that in the well scopely ??? Just wasted 1 5* token because i know be is not going to be ascendabled and i dont have any 5* that can ascend because you remover every 6* from the 5* tokens :frowning:


They are still in the wheel just have to watch the wheel go by


Yeah and he’s got the highest crit lead…


lopez Is better than this peice of crap


He was in a story roadmap, that was his only appearance


I bet you didn’t get a michonne


Earl, Lopez was implemented during ascending stuff


i got my 3rd cooper since the update.


I got this one too.


enough with the swindle, pulled a Karlson… lol


Damn there are some really really bad toons in that wheel now. Should be buy one get one free.


My missus just got Shiva this morning. Its not all doom and gloom.


I got Barker :blush:


I opened a Cooper, not upset at all since I’ve never had him and I still run into teams with Coop so he can’t be all that bad


He’s really good. I had him on my defense from the moment I got him till I got 6* Carl.


I just got Bazooka Abraham from a tapjoy 10 pull. I’m pretty stoked!


Lol I just did my pull with tokens and this is my prize

glad he’s the first of many that I won’t be using.