I never got my blitz rewards

I got the faction pop up screen but I never got the rewards. My war tokens are still at 60. they were suppose to be 30 or 35. I got my level up rewards. League rewards but no blitz rewards.

Have you opened a ticket up with support? There’s probably not much the other players here can do to help.

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Can you send me the link

I think she means In game support but good luck, I think they have alot of other complaints today.

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You can open a ticket in game (menu/options/support) or from their webpage:

Did you score any points in blitz?

I couldn’t due to me not being able to find wifi somewhere

That explains it. Score of zero also nets 0 rewards


Well shit. But also thats a good thing. Since people cant join factions and not participate. Anyway. I’ll have to cancel my ticket.

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