I need some maths for lug nuts event

Need someone with a quantum physics degree to give me maths for this event and to explain why i still bother.

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Yes. You need 15k for marlon. That’s either 3x top three finish or 1 top 3 finish and a first in level ups.

I miss the days when winning an event got you a toon. Now you just get handed a math problem .


Odds of getting Marlon 0%"

*Rounding error

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Place 11th-50th for 1,000 nuts each level up for 15 times.

Pretty sure the event doesn’t run even remotely long enough to finish 11-50 15 times.


lol, they’ll need to extend it by 8 level ups.

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I got first in level up and a second…this got me marlon…pretty darn easy i thought

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