I need jessie for dual roxie

As the title reads i need her but it doesn’t show where i can obtain her is she gone or can she be ascended and it’s just not listed?

You can get her from ascendance according to this

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Thank you holly i appreciate the help3a17a16d-5c36-4c35-9b96-b2e68d7a0021


Yea cuz roxie is sooo powerful against all these S class Promos

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Pre she ate the sarcasm, i just want the toon

I have 3 or 4, non ascended. Want one?! :sweat_smile:

Yessir I’ll take the harley quinn toon thank ya

Damn i need harlan, i have around 3-4 Jessies

I got her last week on premier wheel

but i don’t have 10 kittens :frowning:

More powerful than Kenny that’s fo-shizzle.

Harlan, Jessie & Wayland still missing here. :rofl:

While on the ropic of getting jessie/roxie, where can we get Harlan?

Never talked about wayland
I need him too :v

How dare you compare a god with a thot?.You are a mad person sir

We need class s kenny.
Someone had to say it

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If you get Roxie you need the flags. Which are pretty much impossible and rare. I have her and never ever use her.

I know thread is about Roxie. Wayland for Sexy Axel. Means both dual-specialists are miles away.


I got 2 harlans from tokens or whatever it was he was in

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I mean in theory not alot of people have s class. Roxie is pretty powerful vs the lower end, you have to be crazy if you think you can defend a spender with team knowledge. There are still uses for her.