I need help with the ygl calc

I recently started using the yglcalc that @aq2lx created,which im happy he did,cause it’s really helpful.But it doesnt give the correct information about the S-Class toons.Example:i want to use Kapoor for the mission,and write hat his lvl is 103,tier 2. But it always auto-corrects to 70.Will there be any changes,or not.

Thx for reading :smile:

Guy is in The Infected! faction. Ask him for update maybe

Since i’m a bit of a Rookie,how can i find him?

You could go to the region infected is in and try to pm him there or find someone with their line ID

The calculator says, when you press add character:

Anyone know xp table on S class characters please contact me https://forums.scopely.com/u/aq2lx thankyou.

So it seems like the dev wants to add support for Sclass, but does not have the necessary information to do so. Until someone provides this, it can’t be added.

Whitfield region or something like that. Start new account there and send him priv msg.

Thank you very much my friend.

Another mario dio?

What do you mean another?

thanks guys for want to help me

ygl cal - added S class calculator
ar cal - add weapon yellow 20% (michonne’s energized wakizashi), medium ap leader and weapon


and thanks LadyGeek for XP table S Class


very nice

How can I obtain a copy of that xp chart? If @LadyGeek is cool with it.

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