I need help with the teams

I need help with attack teams and defense teams. help please!

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attack team or defense team

Attack teams and defence team

Defense :

  1. Eric Lead , Solange , Green Carl , Connie or Glenn , Douglas
  2. Erika Lead , Eric , Season Sandy , Douglas , Clem or Tyreese
  3. Blue Garrett Lead , Aris , Aris , Eric , Yellow Zeke

Attack :

  1. Green Mirabelle Lead , Alpha , Shiva , Connie , Viktor or Kal
  2. Dwight Lead , Tyreese , Blue Tara , Red Zeke or Erika , Lori
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Here have some ideas

Don’t run 1 att team is my advise you need every color. Def is different found 1 that works maybe a 2nd as well for war

League tara is an absolute beast on attack and defense. I recently threw her in one of my defneses and she actually was a pain from feedback.
For attack looks like you lack blue andrea for a huge ap on attack you could use Mira lead, sophia (defense down and confuse), red clem (great control toon) tes lori (use attack buff with sophias debuff and lori provides focus and nuet) and league tara (also gives focus to self).
You also have a potential heavy burn team with naya and maggie (who gives focus to blue and yellow)
You seem to lack a good ap lead for attack. Possibly save for andrea in depot. Also yellow carly can be had from ascendance and would be a decent rainbow def lead.

ok, then tell me what?

say other attacks please

You could try survival road zeek lead, kal for guardian, alpha for decap, VICTOR for nuet and focus, and javier or green shiva. Javier has a great attack buff but shiva has stun active 66 ap and 2 turn 2 person confuse
Also with zeek you have a buff so javier isnt a must but a decent toon

Also could try yellow rick lead, romanov (taunt city there and rips up blues), beta, naya, and guardian zeek. You could also take out beta and add kate for focus,buff, and heal. She needs absolute defense and the guardian from zeek should protect here

I dont have Vincent O.o

Victor is what it was supposed to say must of auto correct…viktor for nuetralize

You said : Vincent for nuet and focus, and javier or green shiva.

I also corrected it as i saw i made 2 post not just 1

Green Mirabel is leader?

You can i suggested survival road zeek since he gives huge ap, buff, and heal. If you have a guardian in he should be fine. Need to get those rushes off asap.

I got Andrea, where to put it?

Assuming blue andrea with huge ap lead?

Yes, blue Andrea