I need help with the 30 day pass

Hey, I want to buy this 30 days that has 6* green carl in it if I play 30 days in a row, and my question does this pass ends in a specific date or if I buy it and get this 30 days in game I can claim 6* Carl?

30 day coin pass? Starts the day you buy it, and stays as long as you keep buying it. Unlike the big suscription, it does not automatically renew (but you get a small discount if you renew while it’s still active). You get the 250 coin immediately, 70 per day, and the special reward (carl / the crate) when the thirty days are over.

So if I start this today and I log in the 30 days I am going to get the reward (Carl)?

That’s how it worked for me (but it was 2 years ago, and a different Carl).

As far as deals in the game go, this is one of the best. If I wasn’t so terribly dissatisfied with Scopely QC and the general way they run the game, I’d probably still buy it.

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Thanks a lot

I haven’t looked at this for a while but isn’t the crate at the end rng and you may not get Carl

The first time you subscribe I think you get a guaranteed toon.

Ahh ok :+1:

Don’t waste your money, help the homeless, save, anything but hand the devil your money.

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