I need help with my defence team

this is my def atm. They all have absolute def but erika she has stun. I have second axe if I want to use another green

Let me be the first to suggest toons you don’t have, thats always the most helpful


Lydia lead, guardian zeke, Yvette, Hunter and HS andrea

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Carl, Lydia, Koa, Violet, Yvette

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Thanks guys I’ll try these out when I get a chance

Firstly I would go carl lead with koa yellow Lydia, yellow ty and violet

Only went with carl lead because they won’t think there will be a Lydia in that team because most people think you would have lydia lead not as an extra toon

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Thanks Samuel that’s a good idea about lydia. I didn’t lose any raids against me in raid tournament but maybe they just didn’t raid me lol

That’s quite the roster you got there.

Did you hack this account lol … how do you have all them toons but don’t know how to set up defense :man_shrugging:


I could never put figure my best defence out lol. It’s only lately that I got koa and violet and andrea

Now what would be the best attack teams for yellow and or green shields? Any help is greatly appreciated. Ps red sandy with decapitate is nearly ready for use

she probably wwon’t be ready for war but will be close

In the current meta, the best defense is 1 or 2 human shields and as many revives as possible.

With your roster, you have lots of possible options that fit that. I’d go with Carl, Violet, yellow Tyresse, Lydia and Koa. But I would also experiment and see what works best.

thithis is my defence team atm

I’ll try your team our and compare both thanks

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