I need help with a lost account


I play two accounts on the same device. I accidentally transfer my other account to the same region as my main account not knowing I would lose my other account. I transfer to Carroll region with my faction. We’re called we are troy. My name was killz of troy. The account I spent the most money on. That account is now gone. I was told u can help me @JB.Scopely


It’s gone, bud. You should have paid more attention.


Yep your beat


I hope the account that took out the other was pretty good if not your a noob again


Second post like this today. It is gone. It’s your fault. Stop and read next time. Keep on surviving though.


Was your response here from scopely support? Because it’s sounds like something along the lines they would say lol


why didn’t you read the in game notes about transferring? why didn’t you read the forums and do research before transferring? your loss now, start building a new roster


We had a guy do this in my old region , support had him sorted out and back on his og account within 36 hours.

I was shocked to be fair



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