I need help to transfer my account


I have been playing 4 years and recently switch phones… My problem is I can’t seem to get my account to switch over to my new device… And to make matters worst the old phone glitched the other day and I’m locked out of it…


Did you link your account to facebook?

If you did download the game to the new device and start the game. Once you are past the tutorial there is a way to recover it from the options menu. Sorry I don’t know the exact steps but its pretty easy to figure out.

If you did not I think you will have to contact customer support but without the account code they might not be able to help much.

Good luck!


If your account is linked to Facebook or google just link it again and you will have your account back if not contact support you will need to provide them with information about your account and if you have any receipts from purchase in game you will get it back faster


You are FOCKEDDD my friend. Getting scopley support to help you is a joke. DIdnt the game came out 3 years ago? Anyways GL man your going to need it.

ALSO side note. I would start calling your credit card companies and get your money back now. YOU ARE FOOKKKKEEEDDD


He’ll get it with receipts only, not faster.


You have to show them the money cause no money, no account.


The game launched in the U,S. on Aug 2015. So its almost 2 1/2 years old.


As mentioned, did you link your old account to Facebook? If so, just login to your FB account from your new phone.

If not, and if you’re locked out of your old phone, see if you can use Bluestacks on a pc to try to emulate your old phone. Then link your account to FB, then use your new phone and link again.

Other way is to talk to support and they suck…


Support will do nothing without A FB link or receipt. We lost a faction mate and friend over this. He sent over 100 messages and zero help. And don’t bother asking @kalishane because support is lying to her and she can’t help without those two options either. Good luck.