I need help. Please help

How can I send messages to scopely from forum?

@kalishane @Andrea_Scopely should both be messageable

Top right hand corner there’s a little envelope when you press you’re profile. Use the addresses above

Too new to pm.

I’ll always remember the smart get smarter because they ask questions don’t sit and lingo thinking that it’s just going to pop in your head I guess it would if you did some research but it’s just simpler to stop at that corner store and say hey man where’s that titty bar at I know it’s around here

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Nah thats just the dumb/ignorant leeching from the smart. Research and the aha effect does much more to your brain than, lets say, just open a topic in some forum and ask an already often answered question. Thats the caveman approach. What’s when theres noone to ask ? The shaky little fundament of gathered “truths/halftruths” will crumble. No simple research skills aaaannd the helplessness sets in.

I guess my answer stems from being 50 I don’t know how old you are but I wasn’t born with f****** GPS in my pocket talking face-to-face two people in hopes that they have the right information to give hadn’t been a bad idea back in the past obviously it’s a little different nowadays it said that the social Ness is disappearing everywhere as soon as I can screw my phone I guess?