I need help. Can anyone help with this?

I am switching a family members account to a new device because of a broken charger port on device, & their account is a 155 lev. Which is why i need immediate answers but, when going through the beginning of totourial/I know I spelled that wrong, I am a lev. 4 I says content downloading on raid pic & on lev 3 of road map stage will download up to 50% then starts over again back at 0%. Is this a problem with storage? I added a microcard which the device will not let me put the game on to it or data even though it’s turned on & have cleared almost all apps off device for space. Please I need some genius answers please…I am also disabled on their Facebook account to link it. Which is another problem if I can get past this.

Quick question- are you saying you can’t link your lvl 155 account to Facebook? If this is the case - link this new account to a Facebook, then on your old device login to the Facebook account with the new account. Your lvl 155 account will be moved to the device the new account was previously on. Hope that makes sense feel free to pm me

I can not even get the original device (155) to turn on to be able to link it I tried linking to FB on new device & says my account was disabled

It was your help if you are a screenshot of the account code or something. It sounds like you’re going to have to get a hold of support make sure you kind a remember the name and the region name and try to get a receipt out of the play store or the App Store which ever one you use.

I have all that wrote down & saved & screen shot. my main problem was why am I locked out of Facebook I only linked it in the past to avoid all this hassle in the future & my other was about why the new device keeps getting stuck at 50% and saying content downloadin then stars over at 0%?

Are you going from android to Apple or vice versa or straight across? I had a problem because I went from android to Apple and now I have to have support swap one of my accounts anytime I upgrade my phone. My other account works between android and Apple for some reason.

Na. It’s android 2 android

not sure what you can do if it’s not linked to a Facebook account then. Sorry! Hopefully you have your account code saved and have made a purchase in the past then

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Try and download the game a few times
Uninstall reinstall
The game can be screwy at times but overall if you keep trying it seems to work out the kinks.

try on PC, bluestack android gaming program, i play on phone and on pc, i switch

Try an alternate Facebook account if you have it. I had the same issue linking my account but luckily I had an account I no longer used and it worked

Storage problem happens to me all the time just clear storage I can keep 3 pics on my phone lol

I appreciate all the tips just seems I will have to get a part to fix the original device. I don’t have much choice about the situation

If you’ve spent money on the game, support can move it for you.

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