I need armory tokens

I need armory tokens,
tokens is what I need (Hey hey)

Well I need armory tokens,
tokens is what I need (Hey hey)

Said I need armory tokens,
tokens is what I need

And if I share with you my story
would you share your tokens with me


Nice ditty but unfortunately my amount of armory tokens is also shitty.


Everyone does

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then lets bump this until we get em…


Faction raid monday. But yes, this is even a more pressing need then gear.

Yep. Same here. What’s the point of an armory if we can’t use it? I wasted what tokens I had trying to get a weapon to even crit. Gotta pay tokens to attempt, pay tokens to reset, it’s a bunch of horse poo.

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Nah i gear is wayy worst

Its beyond aggravating. Release a new feature that is so game breaking and make it almost entirely ptp.

We haven’t had a ftp way to get tokens since last raid tourney. Arenas, sure… Drops are pitiful but sure. And being in d5 especially thats a fight that again costs money.

Ability to get varnish is almost non existent. Meanwhile those who can afford it just buy what they need and the gap gets wider.


Not even tried crafting any 5* for 3 weeks no point if you don’t have crit items and tokens fucked up game atm


The new bottleneck, but they never fixed the last one.

Faction raid at the start of the week that just doesn’t seem right

PTP needs tokens too. Only current way to buy them is pulling from the weapon wheel that’s only popped twice in the last month… We all need tokens!


Those crit items are complete shit. I ran out of duct tape trying and resetting over n over again and the 1 time I attempt it with only 1 of the crit items I got the results I wanted hmm