I need answers baby?

Do I ascend Barker? Or do I wait for Jesus to be ascendable?

Barker is a weapon locked weaboo lol


Sit there for months and wait.

Your titles are a pleasant click bait lol

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Not knowing your 6* status I wouldnt ascend Barker unless you just want him or you need 6*s. SR is about the only thing worth having him for.

So by reading all the useless 5 reply’s, I have come to a decision to ascend the fuc*er and fml

So everyone says dont ascend barker and you do anyways

Just pointlessly got people to reply

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I don’t know though, people are saying he is useless but I don’t see how when he does 600 total bleed and 36 Crit as a lead skill and overall he looks like a badass

I have no problem killing barker, at all. He looks cool but isn’t.


He just isn’t a effecient killer when it comes to raids/war much better options then him even yumiko out does barker and I don’t use her for the same reasons.

Barker is good for survival road and nothing else.

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The 6* Barker is about like the old 5* green Earl was back in the day. Walker killing SOB but just about useless for anything else.

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I would use Rick lol but if u didn’t get him Barker can work with right set up. IMO Barker is more offensive but as mentioned above he has a bound weapon that isn’t anything great. But u could put Maggie and zeek behind him. If u have Carl no need for Barker.

Considering your forum picture you wait for Jesus to be ascendable. Barker is pretty useless so don’t rush to ascend him. Did you ascend Maggie and rick? They are more useful.

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@kalishane said in another post she hoped to have the next list of legacy ascendables by the end of the month, unless you desperately need a 6 star I wouldn’t ascend him.

With regards to Barker’s usefulness, I find there are very few toons in the game that are truly useless if you have good teams, a varied roster, crit success weapons, and know how to build attack and defense teams.

I’ve seen numerous toons the #1 faction in my region thought were trash used on def teams that had 80-90% defend rates against them.

Connor is better than barker for SR… and everything else.
Without knowing when Jesus will be ascendable it’s hard to say wait though, and based on your second post it’s too late anyway.
With barker lead out can give whispers Jesus a decent weapon and roll through SR I guess.

You are most certainly fucking welcome, motherfucker.

On a serious note, I personally would go for Connor and ascend him. The attack/crit buff skill plus his attack/defense debuff to 3 rush looks good to me.


My yellow Negan is a valuable punching bag for all those greens with stun weapons, and his double taunt is a lifesaver. He has his uses if you know how to use him.


Barkers ok.

Put life steel on his weapon and he is pretty cool.

Not for defence though…put all characters have there roles.

If you have A revive and put him in a stall team…with maybe a shield too…I bet his bleed would cause major issues.

I sit on 10 Gators and a dozen Annies trying for Connor. I want him badly.