I need a team to complete road rage

My roster is awful, I know. But is there any way I can get through all of the road rage stages with this crap?

I think you just need to control the revives and you’re set. They barely have any weapons and mods so it shouldn’t get resisted a lot.

Try green Garrett lead, clementine, Shiva, Mirabelle and Lori.

You will have heal reduction, active taunt from Garrett.
Taunt from clementine (with stun gun)
Confuse and active stun from shiva
Stun from mirabelle
Atk boost and impair and neutralize from Lori.

With Garrett’s ap when being attacked you ought to be able to rush enough to peel them off. If you lack Heals you could get Eric or Carl in there. But the key is control. And hire a decent faction toon (don’t have everyone give you a drop lead).

Good luck

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I am using this team with a green decap from faction support. Actually if your faction can provide you a green decapitate, take a toon with focus (5* kate is awesome if you have her) kill yellow glenn first and you can’t fail the stage.
Solange is there couse I dont really have good greenies, but you dont need a resser, kates heal is enough.

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I have Kate, only problem is I have crap weps

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Can this team do it? Wanna ask too

It seems pretty good

Jerimiah gives -70 debuff…huge help… you can try green garret lead, jerimiah,lori, shiva, and wild card + faction helper decap

You also have nuet knox with heavy bleed and lacerator shiva (combine and destroy) think outside the box.
No mods on the enemies, and only weapons are bound ones such as harper.
Can also borrow disarm from faction mates and use your decap ty.
If scopes was smart they would provide the last stage roadmap with decap sandy or Bruce as the helper so you could test them out and see what a big difference they can make.

Use your shivas. Remember they have no resist. With glenn and 2 Shiva you can keep them stunned and confused


Great idea…i am gonna try it too

The team i’m using to clear Road Rage Act 2 Stage 3

Yes thanks its effective i did it just now with no troubles.

Well, i suppose abs. Defence on Kate and my stun weapons helps. But. You can use Eugene to have another mind control instead of Solange. Or better, rhose lovely shivas. And dont hit yellows with Kate. Hit only greenies so she can rush every 2 turns. You need her focus and 50 attack. Good luck, tell me if it worked :wink:

This is my team I use and I’ll add either Dante or Erika as faction support. I can beat road rage on auto pilot with this setup and one of the revives mentioned above. Use Dante for the first and Erika for the last two.

How ? That team looks terrible

all stuns works a charm, when i had alice as helper, did it in 4 rounds lol, gabby took a little longer, same with shiva

just need to kake sure revives are either dead, stunned or confused

Level up that cole… his taunt is amazing. Should be easy with him.

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