I need a team advice

since i cant upload more than 1 picture im writing my other characters, (blue=yumi,tyreese,negan,abra,jessie,garrett) (green=garrett,princess,mirabelle) ( red = erika,wanderer,ezekiel,mira) ( yellow=javi,sandy,morgan)
Im actually using carl kal abra romanov glenn for defence ( will switch princess with abra ) and got erika 3-4 hour ago, now i need some advices to make a good defence and/attack teams any thoughts r valuable for me thanks.

You can upload more than one picture. Just have to space out the pic code.


Use a Carl defense team. Everyone’s still using it. Carl, Princess, Garret, Glenn for command, and Sandy. Thats a decent team, unless someone has a better suggestion.

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Is there a line group for team builds and other things? Would be good to get advice from more than just my faction mates.

Not sure if theirs a dedicated line group but you can ask people, im more than willing to help with whatever i can. Line ID is how2zombies

I will give my best attack team used to have a few months ago , and it worked very well for me I passed all the Magna / Jesus team
Attack team :
1-Leader : Green Garrett / Red Sandy (weapon : huge bonus to AP when taking damage , 30/35 HP , Stun)
2- red gov (huge bonus on Attack , 35% art , Stun)
3- Ramanov ( huge bonus on attack, 40% art , taunt)
4- Glenn (huge bonus on attack , 35% def , stun)
5-kal (huge bonus on attack , 35% crit, stun )

Listen carefully all your toons in this attack team must have a good impair resist mod ,
You will be surprised how you can take control over your opponents team’s with all that taunt and stun ,

PS: this attack team isn’t supper fast but it’s almost 100% guaranteed to passe 99.99% of defences out there if you know how to use it.

Subscribe to Mamadeadhead and Lockdown on YouTube. They’re good at team building, and there are others like Trolly and Fox too.

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