I need a def and ATk who would go with who

Hey guys I’m f2p but curious to see if anyone could help team build a defensive and offensive team from my toons not much choice but here it is thanks in advance:)

For defense: Donny lead, Shiva, Ajax, Yumiko, Mercer
For offense: Donny lead, Shiva, Ajax, Yumiko, Charlie

Offense is not ideal, but I don’t see any characters with an offense lead.

Post your best weapons too they are extremely important for certain combinations.

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For def I’d go Donny, Kal, Gov, Mercer, Ajax. Stun guns on the reds. Ap reduction mods throughout the team.
Kal and Gov use their neutralize and impair ARs to try and prevent the attackers from ARing.

I have only just started on weps

Many thanks tho guys I’ll give your suggestions ago thanks

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