I need 7 black goat hairs

My spiritual advisor requested them, I’m absolutely not enchanting scope. Also need a good doll and multiple genitals pins, definitely not witchcraft going on here, move along scope

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Friggin Carl

I still need 4 more cans of grizzly wintergreen to s class my gator

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Try grease cans in your weapon items inventory, they must have an use we just don’t know

I can invite you to some Line rooms where those are quite common. Lmk.


Save your money an stop paying spiritual advisors… your spirit is already broken and poisoned as you play this game.

Also try sacrificing the goat might get better results than plucking few pubes off it

That would be a bad idea

You mean to say I’ve been doing it wrong? No wonder I’ve been getting bad ju ju from it. Oh well back to the saucery board.

Yes lol

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