I must be dreaming... A gift from scopley?

I swear i must be dreaming but i just got this message in my inbox.

Considering the best before this was a 3* negan, this is a nice surprise. Useful for Sr and for some lvl points.


Just got it too.

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and how useful is he still?

75 ar and he heals 1 person right?.

He is SOOOOOOOOOO god-like in the game right now.

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Its just to prevent refunds for Current pass holders


24 crit leader skill, Useful for sr anyways. Its not like i plan on rocking this on my atk or defence team.

Its still free and last i checked 5* are useful for pts in lvl up. You sound salty you didnt get one.


Also to sucker new people who read this post into buying it.

Ooooooh look they have a 5*! I need to buy this.

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og red rick out of the depot has the same leader minus the def from carl for the atk from rick is better in my perspective. and the AR’s pop at the same length. but yet rick gives atk and crit bonus and heals everyone.

Where carl heals one and hits what?!? two or three people for i think 300% dmg. not like that matters

I will use Carl when I can’t use Rick (or Rick died). But now I use Lopez. >.>

Ok but why waste supply points on rick when all i will use is the crit leader skill on sr? Free or pay? Gonna choose free everytime.

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I’m happy you like him.

We have a new member on Road Map and it was his idea along with Carol’s – the new team member who’s been playing since the beginning! :slight_smile:

I’ll let them know. Thank you!


You must be dedicated enough because I didn’t get anything in my mailbox.


Thanks Shane, and the new member who was behind this

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I agree Carl is killed so easy and his crit bonus doesn’t seem to even work but when I use Rick its head shots all day

Thank you, it seems as this new addition to the team has a good understanding about customer service. Hopefully its a sign of better days ahead.


Of course!

They are always very eager for your feedback and Carol is also helping me look into what more we can do against harassment.

Carol and Pranav are in charge of new content in-game alongside our new Designer. They were part of the team that worked on Faction Assault and are working on improving existing features as well!


Can we assume when the new pass is released it will be very different and this gift is to appease players currently on the pass in limbo? While I’m not currently on a pass this was a smart idea.

Anyone who has subscribed or renewed within 45 days should receive him.
Please reach out to support if you don’t see him soon!


what about people who spent 1000’s of dollars on promos, dont get the 10$ freebie

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My wife just got him, still waiting on mine. This is a good start in the right direction Scopely, hope you all keep it up.

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So i have a question @kalishane. My monthly pass is still good for another 13 days. Is this what i am getting for the 30 day pass or can i still look forward to something else when its on day 30?