I Miss Using My 5*

Absolutely. Luke was one of the two 4*. At the very end I ran Luke, 5* Mirabelle, Scout, 5* Governor behind 5* Heath lead before switching over to Mira lead. Luke had a good run…

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I still get blindsided by those old Andrea teams! Occasionally lose a toon or even two in a war battle. But now I actually enjoy it because at least it’s different. Ha. How times have changed.

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She still kills my Garrett x/

Also, I never got the Michonne Head, I just realized, so I have all 3 versions of the Limited Negan, 3* 4* and 5*

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Back before I part timed it/quit I rocked this 5* team all the time and defends all day. Zeke had stun on attack, sawyer has stun on attack, twinchonne had huge ap, and magna had stun too. Still have 2 red stun guns, stun katana, and a stun on attack on a 6* shiva but my team went hero to zero real quick when 6’s came out. Tired of throwing money…

That’s awesome! Did Sawyer have a huge boost?

Unfortunately no, just hp and def boost. Before I had twinchonne, I had another magna I’d put a stun gun on and I’d be a time out team.

I have a buddy with a team like that, his Sawyer has a huge boost with stun on attack, and it’s horrible to fight. Rushes every other round, so he’s stunning ALL THE THINGS!

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:cry: This team just sits there retired. Hope 6*s are nerfed back to the way they were. But we all know thats not gonna happen.

Severely jealous of the Priya and the Bluchonne

I miss it too. Crafting teams that work well together from a huge back catalogue of 5* we’d all worked so hard to get (in various ways) was a huge part of the game.
Now; Carl lead or Mira lead. Essentially. Couple of recent premier alternatives for those lucky enough to spend on getting them.

I don’t mind the introduction of 6*, like a lot of people, I feel it’s all been so badly handled. We should not have 90% of all toons made irrelevant at the drop of a hat and be left with only a small handful of 6* to choose from. If they’d have given us a large enough pool of f2p and premiere toons before the nerf then it wouldn’t be quite as much of an issue (although for those that have spent a small fortune on their 5* roster I can certainly see the argument there). I don’t even know why I’m typing this out… I’ve said it enough times, as have you all.

Setup like this one used to get me untouchable most of the time. It was kinda unfair sometimes but c’mon, I spent thousands to get all this useless crap.

“From hero to zero” that’s so true sadly. It’s a freaking joke how you can one shot any of these toons. Melted butter defenses.


I’ve been using a mixed raid team. Raid Mirra teams with it up to S4++. Does it rely on the 2 6* in it? Yes it does but all the parts add up and command Joey (4*!!) is essential.

So you can still use a lot of your 5* to help the 6* perform better.


Yeah. That was one of my favorite parts.

I do hope we get to see the variety they say is coming.

Wow. Dual Priya. I’d hate fighting that. I remember spending…more than I’d like to admit on Commander Jesus when he was released. I’ve used him pretty faithfully since then, but now I can only use him on offense, defense he’ll die if Mira looks at him

I’m warring with just 6* Abe with no blue leaders. Then 5*.

Interesting. Do you use an 8% weapon on Joey?

What do you use?

I use the yellow healer Rick, tutor Maggie, Timothy, Abraham, and Javier for war.
For raids, I use Ellen/Ben lead, Abraham, Rick, Timothy, and Javier.

Very diverse! That’s a nice rainbow team. I like Javier a lot, he was a game changer for me

No I gave him and def heavy abs defense to keep him alive :grin:

I take a lot of damage with the whole team but it also enables me to let Shiva go through command on turn 2. Usually Antonio gets a hit that lets him use his AR round 2 without command.

I’ve used the same setup with Dr. Stevens and you can get all kinds of AR’s popping depending on the hits you take, but you do miss the 30% attacks that Negan gives,

Resourceful! I can’t get even a single abs def weapon x/

My all melee plus stun Garrett offense had Samurai Jesus lead at one point. That extra attack can really help those single target rushes finish that target.


Oh the good ole days…

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