I Miss Using My 5*

Back before the 6* Stat buff, I used to be able to pull wins with an all 5* offense, especially against Carl lead teams. It was pretty fun, actually.

This team got me a few hate PMs from players with all 6* lineups. They figured I was exploiting a bug with Javier. No bug, just taking advantage of his rush to the fullest.

I kinda miss having different teams for different leads.

Any clever tricks you guys were proud of back in the day?


Good days. Wish I didn’t ascend Abe and kept him as a 5*. The whole 6* Abe is only slightly overpowered.

Hes talking about before the 6 star buff, back when everyone was beating 6 stars with their 5s. Thats why the did the power buff to force everyone to ascend


Yeah. I could probably still pull a few wins with old Plan A, but with the hard hitting blues everywhere, the double attack guns, and no way to actively cure stun, it’s pretty risky and unreliable.


I took a several month leave from the game because I was so frustrated and bored. During that time they released 6s. I came back to a bunch of super OP 6s, and no clue what to do. Prior to this last CRW I had one 6*, Shiva, because I do not have the metals to ascend anyone else. So I’ve been running a 5* team plus Shiva. Been doing ok during wars. I’m slowed compared to others but I can get some kills in, it just takes thinking through the attacks. Carl lead teams are much easier to beat then the Speed Racer Mirabelle teams just because my greens are my strongest toons ATM, but I’ve beaten plenty of Mirabelle teams as well.

The team I have now is: Santa Negan with stun weapon, Command Jesus with bleed weapon, 2x Theresa (stun weapons), and Shield Garrett with stun weapon.

The game for me right now is hope my stuns proc and the enemy stun/impair don’t proc.

Before that I had yellow Glenn 4*, yellow Holly (or Molly) 4* with the heal/damage buff, and 3x yellow Abe 4*.

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Theresa? I’m not familiar with her. Kudos on the stun weapons, I got lucky on 2, but haven’t been able to get any more than that.

And I can relate to the plan being hoping. Hope I stun their stuns before they stun me, etc. My fingers are stuck in the crossed position x/

This just gives scopelly the reason as why the buff was necesary, in other case there was no change, just slighly more powered 5*, i think there are still a lot of thing that could and can be done better in this transition, but yeah this was needed, specially with the over powered toons that were already apprearing, if this stats buff hadn been made, should have be harder to invent new creative adrenaline rushes, it was easy to reuse all those habilities in new characters with better stats, but again the way they did it wasnt the best cause for example now there are few sets of teams, and also practicaly to improve out of this characters everybody has almost the only option is spending so this is definitely getiing tiring for a lot of player but for other its a fresh start and some good change to keep the game from being the same all the time

Theresa is a premier recruit.

Neutralize for the passive
45 rush that does three attacks in a row at 125% damage. The first attack adds a 300 damage bleed (negated by guardian shield), and the attacks count as basic attacks so they can proc the weapons as well as the defensive weapons (red stun gun).

She’s definitely my most powerful character, even with 6* Mira, Shiva, and Barker on my roster.

Edit: she comes with the attached weapons that have the stun on hit

He said he USED TO be able to beat the 6 before the buff

Not on defense she isn’t. Theresa dies in 2 shiva attacks

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Oooooh I should know that, fail on my part x/

There’s been a good few sales for her, and a roadmap.

Unfortunately, with the roadmap, I think that’s the one where the story repeated itself partway through, and/or the dialogue was just messed up.

Yeah, she’s super weak in terms of health. I have two of her stuck behind a shield garrett with stun gun though.
I’ve won tons of defenses since I put that team together and even received messages specifically about my defense.

With that said my server has gotten last in all of the cross faction wars so far.

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Im still warring with 3 5*s lol

Doc Steven’s lead with limited negan. Had all my toons pop turn 2 unless I was stunned.

I just got Limited Negan from Prestige! I maxed him in a day and a half just so I could play with that sweet rush.

Wasn’t as useful as I was hoping anymore :frowning:

Still, happy to have him. He’s cool, I just need a Carl to lead him.

Also, I still war with 2 5*. Garrett and Javier. Those guys are great, though Javier is less often used

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I’m still running two 5* now and doing fine.

My proudest was running a team that still used two 4* and no 6* right up until the power creep. It didn’t always win, but it beat a lot of higher (top 100) ranked players at the time.


This team got me lots of defends. Used select 4* on both att and def with success, mere months ago. My most successful att team had 3 x 4* (blue Dale or red Gov, Mark, Chuck). Sigh.

I used to use my best 4* in experimental territory teams. Dual huge boosts and those 56 rushes go off every other round, just like Andrea

Lori, Gregory, and Allen all can be pretty annoying when they’re stunning/impairing 2 at a time every other round

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That’s awesome! Never got rid of Gov, he seemed too special, too unique. Never got to really use him in combat much, though

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