I might try for white shiva now

Look at the description lmao


can you has shiva, tho?


Nos lol


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should really change the title to ‘i might has to try for shiva now’

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Would have been more topical and it would have shown that they pay attention to this forum if it had said…

Shiva please to the museum.

P2P event right before the holiday. Do you feel the love? I do. Meow. :tiger:


My wallet does if I wanted this. Good thing I don’t. Then they tempt me with a Harper banner

Classic bait.

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That it is. I wouldn’t mind getting white Shiva on a wheel pull for free but I’m not spending a dime for her. They can keep the Christmas Shiva too if they keep it p2p only.

Also what is up with a bloody dead rabbit as the “token”. No class.

I already have 2 white shivas, get nae-nae’d

Get the nae nae

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