I made my own s-class

S Class Gator
“Back the road we go”
3876 ATT
4732 DEF
5728 HP

Specialist Skill: ‘Lighting reflexes’


  • 30 % HP
    Medium Bonus of AP if defending
    Reflect Damage: When defending chance of 70 % to deal 400 % of the incoming damage to the attacking enemy.

Rush: 54 AP “A little bit of revenge”
This Character and up to one Teammate regain 100 % of their Max HP. They also get Pain Split and Elusive for 2 turns.
Up to two enemies get 100 % Heal Reduction and 100% Damage of the amount of HP this Character healed.

Init. CD: 2
Cooldown: 2
Number of Uses: 8
This Character and all Teammates get Graze for 2 Rounds and recover from all penalties.


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Oh lordy, why?

S Class Governor

5384 ATT
2904 HP
4893 DEF

+40% ATT
+12% DEF
Stronger Trait when attacking and defending

Indomitable + Berserker = Gladiator

76 AP
This Character gain +100 % ATT and +100 % DEF for three rounds
All Teammates recover from attack and defense penalties.
All enemies get Attack Up Block and - 150 % Defense for four rounds.

Initial Cooldown: 3
Cooldown: 3
Number of uses: 7
Attack one enemy with 550 % Damage. This character gains 35 % AP

Kenny would disagree to this