I made my own character

There is plenty of different specialist skills.
But some specialist skill would be very interesting:


When this character gets a negative effect this effect will be converted into a postive one.
If the negative effect cannot be converted the causer off the negative effect instead of this character gets the negative effect.
(Damage down converts to damage up, Heal reduction converts to HP, Maim Converts to Bonus HP, Bleed will effect the causer, Burn will effect the causer… a. m. m.)


Att: 1986
Hp: 5769
Def: 4966

“Safe Point”
AP Cost: 76

If this character dies within the next 2 rounds it revives automatically with 100% HP and 15 AP.
All Teammates get “engineering” for one round.

Active Skill
“Recover all penalties”
All Teammates recover from all penalties. And gain 15 AP
Init cd: 3
Cd: 2
NoU: 5


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That is a pretty good idea actually… both the specialist skill and the rush look quite good.

Wouldn’t fork over any cash for the promo (as I never do that), but would deffo add this toon to my grind for list :wink:


I see what you did there :smiley::smile::smiley::smile::smiley::smile:


This “engineer” skill sounds pretty good. Way too good! But honestly, do not give them ideas to include in new OP toons. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Am i the only one who thinks this toon is useless🤔

It is a similar specialist skill compared to the trader just one step further.

What did I do? :wink:

You know!

Why? ()

You must apply to be member of the dev team. You meet some of the requirments.
-must be thinking of the company(get alot of money)
-make broken characters
-unbalance the system
-make complicated stuff so there will be bugs


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After some thought, I must re-consider the specialist skill. As it is, it’s too OP, so it should activate only when receiving a critical hit or when dealing one.

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I am thinking about that it only applies to damage down goes up and every - converts to + and maybe maim to bonus HP but no causer to be effected and damage over time cannot be converted. Maybe this would be less op

Or I could leave it that way but it only activates when at least one other team member is dead (and deactivates if all memebers revived).