I made a site with some guides

I made a site today (free hosting I ain’t spending cash on it lol)

With guides and info I have learnt and compiled from external sources, it ain’t finished yet a long way to go. But wanted to get thoughts. And suggestions so far


To be completed: “ultimate guide”, training ground guide, leader skill, gear & leveling, placement tournaments & war and raids


“Ewww it’s hideous.”

“What… That’s not very nice. He’s just a donkey.”

Shrek right?

Did you see the site what do you think honestly? Why do you think it is hideous? My constructive feedback would be appreciated.

First bit of criticism :

  • The transparency makes it hard to read. The tiger is cool but not needed or the container you have your text in just needs to be less transparent either one should help out.
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It was a joke. I like it and looks very professional. If this is your first time making a site then kudos. Don’t get discouraged just listen to the feedback of others to make it even more polished up. You might want to hire a professional site creator if you need a bit more help. It’s decent for starters.

I like it.

Shame this wasn’t around a year ago.

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You can go to Khanacademy.com to help learn how to make a site from scratch without using someone else’s template.

Thanks I fixed it changed to 75 instead of 30% :slight_smile:

I can actually code HTML5, CSS and Java script but not paying for a domain, or hosting for something tha isnt making me money and is for the community.

Also if you notice I started with a blank template not a clone! But thanks for your contribution

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You’re wish has been granted, very basic atm will tart it up

Edit: Tarting up complete, forum is up and running and full operational.

Well my mistake. Only wanted to help not offend.

No worries, was just the hideous thing that triggered me lol

Much easier on my eyes to read. Thank you and good jerb!!!

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I was just quoting Skrek and being weird don’t mind that. Lol

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1* to 5* character list added

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