I’m having a hard time understanding

Why does payback activate when negan is stunned but I can’t use my stunned command toon to command someone?


Because OverPowered is OverPowered… And they don’t think these toons through or test them carefully before launch…

The goal is just to make them sell… Not to make them to follow some pre-established game balance



Ay matey that seems to be the reason… logic goes right out the window. :joy:

Payback is a specialist skill not an active skill or a rush. Like evasion still works even when stun. Some specialist skill will state they dont work in certain cases. Unfortunately this isnt one of them.

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Don’t say the “L” word on the forums. You might get f worded

Because you need to perform an action to use command… payback does not require any action.

Neither does Indomitable.

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But Indomitable clearly states in its description “while not stunned”

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How the hell have I never noticed that?

command is still an action, a command toon needs to ‘defend’ to perform. Payback is damage based. I agree, payback should be stopped by stunning the toon, but game dynamics. Guess it’s more like evasion or tenacity -> evasion will always decrease damage dealt by amount of ap your toon has and tenacity … 20% down to 19% hp

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