I love this game, it’s my favorite :)

Iv played off and on since release and have really enjoyed it… grinded with a lot of top 5 teams… led a few #1 teams, I think the perceived problems with the game are a result of people always wanting stuff for free and not being willing to pay/earn it… I have an s10++ (thanks to christa) and have spent about $60 bucks on this game which is what console games cost but no game has ever held my attention as long or keeps me involved on a daily basis… Keep on surviving scopely! People will always find something to complain about and this game is no different… a truely unique experience in team building and a great community of friends within teams/regions and heated rivalries. Everyone talks about quitting but instead of walking away from the game and doing something with their life they hang around here like the bitter ex that can’t move on with their life (I’m talking to u Kenny)


You rock this man

Why does what you say remind me of this lol and ironically my name is kenny



This reminds me of the hippie who says capitalism is a prison :man_facepalming: I could walk away, I just don’t want to… ok maybe I see ur point a little bit now

That is perfect lol

Cool alt, JB!


Exactly how I feel great post man!!!

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