I Lost My Milestone Rewards JB help me!


@JB.Scopely Hey man can you help me out? When I reached 10k points in war I received my rewards then went to claim them, while I was claiming, the game suddenly rebooted and lost everything there was nothing in th inventory… nothing… No Trainer bags, No gold radio… just completely vanished. Ive contacted support from the day war started they still haven’t replied me yet.


Good luck. I’m missing survival road tournament rewards from 2 weeks ago and they are telling me the rewards are in my inbox. Despite doing everything they say and providing proof they are not there.


Im afraid they’ll hit me with the “keep on surviving” reply




Support told me my ticket is closed. Who needs Ulysses and medals anyway right…??? Wtaf.



Im missing all this…


Any luck? None here.


Support just replied yesterday and asked for which milestone Im looking for. So its gonna take another 4 days to reply


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