I lose food when I win raid

I won 2 raids and lost almost 100k food. I was trying to win enough food to upgrade a character, so I know how much I had, and how much I needed, other wise I may not have noticed. Please help!

possible it could have been when you were searching for those unfortunate souls to pillage from. looking for mfs to raid drains food quick.


you should add a screenshot as well…can hardly believe this can happen…unless what TheSurvivor said

I almost never end up with net gain of food when raiding because I only raid bots. A few searches and I’m in the hole already with the small amount I gain back. Only exception is during raid events. I really don’t raid much anymore anyway I’m just pointing out that it’s definitely possible to lose food while raiding.

Good Point, but no. I was actually doing the unshielded raids in Faction actions. Not the regular search for raids. Sorry I didn’t make that more clear to begin with.

There’s a lag when you first open the game, so it’ll show 200k (for example) and then when you do your raids, the game will update in the background. So when you finish your raids, you’ll see less food than when you started. Not sure if this happened to you but it’s an explanation.

As Aaron and Rick found out

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That’s doesn’t make a difference, whether you are doing a revenge (that is how i took your statement to be) raid or a search, a raid will drop you shield. So this is still a likely scenario. Not saying u didn’t loose food, but to win two raids and lose 100k without searching for people to raid, seems unlikely

Post a screenshot of your raid log. My guess is you are getting raided.

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