I LOLed at your multi stash


you killed 5 stars scopely. i would be amazed if anybody threw the coin down to get these two extremely outdated 5 stars. it was a very poor move on your part to buff 6s as you did. now nobody will buy, and you will have to design op 6s to keep driving spending. it’s funny 6 stars came into effect since you ruined the meta with toons like priya yet you will prob end up doing the same thing with 6 stars since nobody will buy them otherwise. glad making my p13 roster completely obsolete also hit you in a negative way.


Yep this is awful and should probably be reverse.all our top guys quitting the region


Plus these toons can be gained in the wheels now.
Who would go for them when they will most likely get a 5* trying to pull a 6*…?

None of them are been made into a 6* anytime soon…and the 5s are absolutely useless.
The 4
s in there are the most common in the game apart from the shield.

What’s the point?